How to Make a Blogger Blog [Full Guide Step by Step]

Hello Friends, Welcome to BeDude. We Offer Guide for You to create and Design a Website for Free Here. Today we will teach you to Make a Blog [ How to Make Blog on Blogger ]. Creating a Blog is Very Easy Task. Today We will Teach you full Guide for “How to Make Blog on Blogger” on BeDude. So Let’s Start.

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Why Create A Blog

There are Lots for Reason for Creating a Blog. There are So Many Blogs in the World. Every One has Created blog for Some Reason. You can create a Blog because of the Following Reason.

  • To Teach Your Knowledge to People.

This is the Biggest Reason for Making a Blog. Because if you Know about Something or Search on it, than the World will know about it from your Blog and Your Knowledge will be Useful to Many Peoples. You will be able to help Millions of People through This.

  • For Earn Money

Money is Very Important for Living Life. If we do not have Money then Nothing. Blog can also be a Good way to Earn Money because Many Peoples are also Earning Millions of Dollars from the Blog. Having Good traffic on the Blog, We can Earn Good Money. There are Many Ways to Earn Money from a Blog like Affiliate Marketing, Ads Network, Advertisement etc.

  • For Online Popularity

Every Person wants that Many People go to him and they are Popular. But this is not Easy, We can Easily become Popular through blogs. Because when a Visitor comes to our Blog and learns Something Good, then he also Falls about us, so Many People know us.

Best Platform for Make A Blog

There are Several Ways to Create a Blog on the Internet. It is also Probably difficult to count them. But some of them are Popular and different, on Which we can Create a Good Blog. Like Blogger, Wix, WordPress and Jumla The best is Blogger and WordPress.

We have to Spend a lot of Money to build a Blog on WordPress because we have to get Hosting for it. Today we will tell you How to Create a Free Blog that will be Created by Blogger. Blogger is a best system provided by Google, on which we can create a blog.

How to Make a Blog on Blogger

How to Make Blog on Blogger
How to Make Blog on Blogger

Creating a blog on Blogger is Very Easy. We do not Have to Spend a Single Dollar for this. We can Create Blogs on Blogger from Easy Way, just Follow us the following topics.

  • Now you have to Log in by Entering Your Gmail Id and password.
  • After Logging in, You will Find the Button of the New Blog, You have to Click on it.
  • Now a new window will Open in Your Browser, in which You have to enter the name of Your Blog and choose a URL for it. [Here the URL will be Like Demo.Blogspot.Com]
  • In the Third Point You have to Choose a Template for Your Blog so you can Change later.

Congratulations, your blog has been completely built. Now you can write post and share your knowledge with the world, but this is the beginning. Today we Learnt “How to Make Blog on Blogger”. Follow BeDude for more information.